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If all that following Jesus asks of us is an hour on Sunday morning, we would have to reconsider the power that we proclaim. We believe Jesus would have us love our city with our time, energy, and resources. When Jesus met people, their lives changed; when Jesus changed people’s lives inside, one result was a change in their homes, neighborhoods, places of work and play, their cities, and even their world. We want to see our downtown, “the 29601,” change because of what God has done in our lives in Christ.

To that end, we’ve served or are serving Center Stage Theatre, the Furman Baptist Campus Ministries, Greenville Center for Creative Arts, Greenville High School, the Greenville Police Department, Hughes Main Library, the International Ballet, Mentor Upstate, Metropolitan Arts Council, Mill Village Farms, Nasha Lending, Pendleton Place for Children and Families, the Phyllis Wheatley Center, Piedmont Women’s Center, the Ronald McDonald House, and scores of Downtown artists, businesses, and groups.

Additionally, we partner with several Strategic Mission Partners around the country and world to extend the light of Jesus and make others’ cities better. We’ve partnered with a new church The Meeting Place (Taylors, SC); with new churches in New England, Mosaic Boston (Brookline, MA) and West End Community Church (Providence, RI); with a new church and campus ministry in Canada, Central Community Church (Edmonton, AB); and with friends seeking to serve musicians through a collective called Stockholm’s Groove (Stockholm, Sweden).

If you’d like more info about serving locally or globally alongside us, we’d love to tell you more and answer any questions. 


Origins could not exist and function without its amazing volunteers! Having said that, due to growth in all areas we are in need of more family to step up and volunteer. Anything from set-up and tear down to working with our amazing children: We need you. Could you take a minute to fill out our Volunteer form by clicking here?


We'd love for everyone sitting in a seat with Origins on Sunday to be serving regularly in the church during the course of a given month. Each week we need people to serve Jesus and his church by helping with set-up and tear-down, greeting and hospitality, pre-schoolers and children, sound and production, and in other areas. If you'd be interested in serving in one of these ways or in exploring other ways to serve, please let us know.

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