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WE exist to...

make disciples who love God, love one another, and love the city as we live, work, serve, and play in Downtown Greenville.

Just like Jesus called the first disciples, He calls us today to follow Him, be changed by Him, and to be on mission with Him. We believe this is what is means to be a disciple. We also believe that in order to be a disciple, we have to understand that we are called to MAKE disciples.

In our mission to be and make disciples, we also need to understand that life is made up of relationships. Of highest importance, we are made to love and be in relationship with God. We are all created with a craving for the divine, and in the person of Jesus, God took on flesh and blood to bridge the gap between humanity and divinity. As we surrender our lives to Jesus Christ and walk with him in relationship, we enjoy him and find true life.

We are also created to love one another, made with a craving for community and a desire to give ourselves away to others. By loving one another and sharing life with one another, we choose to be the church rather than reduce church to something we go to.

Finally, we are made to love our neighbors. In the most basic sense, our all those that we find our city are our neighbors. We love our Downtown… affectionately called “the 29601.” We believe that our love for Jesus compels us to love our city well, seen through an investment of our time, energy, and resources, making the city better and making much of Jesus in the process.

We’ve never envisioned church as a place that we drive to on Sundays or during the week. Church is people. Origins is people. Our goal, as a church of people who live in and love Downtown is to Make Disciples who Love God, Love One Another, and Love Our City while we live, work, serve, and play where God has placed us.