When looking at online giving platforms, eGive is the safest and most affordable company we encountered. They exist, in their words...

“to make giving simple and cost effective for local churches so they can spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world around us.”

We love that. Setting up an account with eGive is simple; when you create an account, you can set up one-time gifts or create an ongoing offering that is deducted from your account on a regular basis.

On the other hand, if you prefer to actually give a tangible offering to the ministry of Origins, you can do that as well. You can place an offering in the offering box on the Info Table at Origins on Sundays. Please place any cash or check offerings in a giving envelope, give us some basic info about yourself and your gift, and put it in the offering box. A third giving option would include mailing your gift to the church’s mailing address listed on the website.

We value each gift given to Origins. On the part of the giver, it's an act of faith and a belief in our mission to make disciples who love God, each other, and our city; on our part, we see your gift as an investment in God’s Kingdom that we want to manage well.

So — however you give your one-time or regular offering — thank you for your generous, sacrificial, and joyful giving to Origins.